Paws In Style Mobile Grooming
Full Grooming services include:

-Nail clipping
-Ear cleaning and plucking (if needed)
-Trimming of pads and sanitary areas
brush out (extra charges apply for matted dogs)
-Bath with selected
specialty shampoo and conditioner based on skin/coat type
-Hand drying
-Clip and style

Please note:

Additional charges apply for:
- Aggressive and difficult dogs
- Matted dogs
- Long length styles

Missed appointments cost me travel time, gas and a lost grooming fee. As a courtesy, please notify me 24hours in advance of your cancellation so that I have the opportunity to fill your spot. Failure to do so will result in a $20 cancellation fee.

Prices: Based on dogs with coats in reasonable condition, not matted, well behaved and groomed on a regular basis

Size of Dog

Full Groom 

Total Price
 Small breed, long hair
(example: Shih Tzu, Bichon, Yorkie)
 $66.37  $8.63 $75
 Medium breed, long hair
(example Airedale, Portuguese Water Dog, Poodle)
 $79.65 $10.35

Sorry, no large breed dogs

Accepted payment: Cash & Credit card

Services I do NOT provide:
Expressing anal glands.
    Why? Dogs naturally express their anal glands with each bowl movement. When humans start to force the expression of the glands it can cause damage to them and the dog can lose the ability to express them on their own. If your pet has issues with their anal glands then they should be seen by your veterinarian.

-Treatments/Handling of pets with parasites and other contagious infections.
    Why? In order to prevent spreading parasites or infections to other clients I will not accept these pets for grooming. I must also protect my own health and cannot risk handling pets with zoonotic (transferable to humans) conditions, such as Ringworm.


Rates and Services

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